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Which firewood should I buy?

If you’re needing firewood to burn right away, you’ll need to purchase seasoned dry firewood.

For firewood that will be stored for a few months (3-6 ideally), partly seasoned (semi-dry) firewood is a good option. It will still have a moisture content between 25 – 35%. This is a good option if you’re buying firewood in the December to March period. It will need to be stored in an open area exposed to sun & wind to be fully seasoned.

What is seasoned firewood?

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been dried to remove as much moisture content and is ready to burn. According to Environment Canterbury, dry firewood is any wood with a moisture content of 25% or less.

What is unseasoned firewood?

Unseasoned (green) firewood is the most cost effective option if you’re buying 6 months ahead of burning. It’ll dry out over summer, and be seasoned dry firewood in time for the winter months when you need it for burning.

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